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January 9, 2015 | Welcome

If you’re looking for Evanne Lorraine or dangerously sexy romances to read, you’re in the right place. Welcome to my home on the web.

Click on the menu above for the latest news, including what I’m working on now, my currently available titles, or free reads to sample.



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Fun for readers and writers!

February 5, 2015 | Real life

BLA (Book Lovers Anonymous) let me be their Author-of-the-Month!

We’re having beefcake, giveaways, and all kinds of dangerously sexy fun. Stop on by http://tinyurl.com/mrq5t9x

I’m so sorry the link won’t work unless you’re a member of the Facebook group, Book Lovers Anonymous. It’s an awesome site brimming with enthusiastic readers and some amazing authors too! Here’s the link to Book Lovers Anonymous.

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Back to work

January 6, 2015 | Real life

writer at work a

No teasers yet, lots of writing and editing to do before I’ll have anything fit to share. In the meantime check out Book Lovers Anonymous for sexy teasers from other authors, bargain books, and new release notices from a busy group of dedicated readers. :lol:

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Fan Friday

January 2, 2015 | Fan Friday

firedragon II

Just a note to let y’all know I’m feeling the heat!

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Slave Market Review

December 30, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday


Here’s a snippet from Stormy Vixen’s review: “The reader can’t help but get ensnared by all the excitement and suspense of the story as spine tingling tension builds as the story progresses from one dangerous or erotic scene to the next and the strong compelling characters grab the reader’s attention…”

The entire review is here

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Coming Soon-ish

December 26, 2014 | Fan Friday

writer at work a

The third Demons and Dragons story is underway! Y’all will be the first to hear when it’s up for pre-order, I’m writing as fast as I can while still delivering the best possible story. :heart:

Once Suluth’s adventure is done, I’m back to working on the backlist. The three wicked novellas should be available again during the first half of next year. After those are revised, enriched, and polished my crystal ball gets a bit cloudy. :ermm:

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Snippet from COLIN, Demon Hunters I

December 22, 2014 | Real life,Uncategorized

Colin 500 x 750

Today is the last day to pick up a free copy of COLIN, here’s another peek to entice you!


Colin tied the ribbon Diane had given him around Holly’s slender throat. The thin line of color marked her as taken—his. He loved how her lips were wet and swollen from his kiss. He loved the way she responded to him with total, helpless, surprised, submission. He loved how her abundant curves felt against his raw needs. And he hated not being able to read her. Touching hadn’t made even a crack in her impenetrable thought shield. He also hated being wrong.

In addition to not being able to read a single idea in her beautiful head, he had new problems. Her mouth was an oasis of pleasure in his barren life. Her silken tongue carried a seductive flavor of hot cocoa with a touch of cool mint. He should never have tasted her sweetness. Now it would be twice as hard to maintain his distance. But he had to; there was too much at stake, including her life.


May your holidays be filled with dangerously sexy delights!


Here’s the buy link!

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Happy Holidays!

December 18, 2014 | Real life

Colin 500 x 750

As a thank you for an amazing year, I wanted to get y’all something hot! So Colin is free through Monday. Grab your copy now and have a wonderful holiday season!

Here’s your buy link

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Snippet from Colin, Demon Hunter I

December 16, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

Colin 500 x 750

The book belongs to Colin, but Holly is his perfect match so here’s a peek at her working up the nerve to visit a local club.

She couldn’t deny the idea of a dominant lover excited her, but could she handle the reality?

The red lace lingerie beckoned—there was nothing vanilla about that outfit.

Opening the invitation again, she read carefully. The chances of her meeting anyone she knew at La Ceinture Noire were infinitesimal. Tamara had explained about the club’s rules, safe words, and hard limits. The engraved invitation was an unexpected gift and her best possible chance to explore a different world. The slave auction even benefited Wagging Tails, a charity she supported. She’d just listed four good arguments for taking a very tiny risk.

What did she have to lose? Nothing at all, except another boring, lonely, night at home alone.

COLIN is available now and free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

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New Review for DUEC

December 12, 2014 | Fan Friday

Duec 500x750

The tasteful Jacque said: “I really liked Duec’s character from the first book and was so glad to see he was getting his own book. He has so many secrets that are revealed in this book that it makes it hard to say why without giving out any spoilers. So let’s just say his pure blood ‘demon’ side is probably one of my favorites. Belinda – a ice queen Domme with a sub heart…but only for Duec, She I like from the beginning with the hot sass take-no-prisoner attitude that comes with being a Domme. Discovering her back story made her even more interesting. She is certainly the perfect mate for Duec. Things certainly heat up between them with the yummy sex and due to one of Duec’s secrets, it certainly is interesting. One of the things that really drew me into this book was it wasn’t all about Duec and Belinda becoming a mated couple. Don’t get me wrong, it was wonderful reading how they evolved into their coupleness. I like a story that has some action and intrigue as well. Thanks to Belinda’s past, and some creepy goblins, I got my wish.”

The entire review is here

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