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Fifty Shades of Grey

August 29, 2014 | Fan Girl Friday

Somehow I think I’m going to like the movie even better than the book…

Even if you’re not a huge fan of E.L. James, at the very least, isn’t it awesome to have romance centered stories dominating the media?

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More on setting

August 26, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

writer at work a

Last week I talked about setting here. Today I’m using Zaynah’s first impression of Ranin Seven, the moon she’s suppose to infiltrate as an example.

The dark side of moon loomed into view—black, rocky, and barren.

Zaynah shivered imagining the minus ninety degrees Celsius temperature.

The sphere’s surface was so dark she couldn’t distinguish a single feature. There should be evidence of the massive duranium mining operation, a biosphere, and life signs. None of those were visible. The ship’s sensors registered no activity.

Without warning, a plume of fiery red sparks wafted from a column of lava rising close to fifty kilometers in length. The eruption disappeared as fast as it had risen, subsiding back into the remote moon’s surface. She blinked away tears from the searing brightness, wondering if she’d just hallucinated the phenomena.

Is there enough detail for you to visualize the scene?

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On setting

August 22, 2014 | Fan Friday

writer at work a

Back when I began writing, setting was the physical location and time period where the story happened. The idea of setting as something more first sank in while reading Dwight Swain’s The Selling Writer, highly recommended by the way.

Here’s a snippet from the section that opened my mind to new possibilities:

“You need to remember three key points about the world in which your story takes place.

1. The reader has never been there
2. It’s a sensory world.
3. It’s a subjective world.”

Writing sci-fi adventures set in remote galaxies, I can’t assume my hapless readers have any concept of my story world. Therefore it’s my job to give them enough detail so the poor dears aren’t utterly lost.

This challenge is compounded by the need to eschew anything too mundane. Similes, colloquial expressions, and slang too reminiscent of Earth will pollute the alien setting. Fortunately decades of popular science fiction titles preceded my tales, giving readers a common vocabulary of hyper-light speed, par secs, blasters, and the like.

Do you have a favorite book where the setting is inseparable from the story?

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Snippet from the work in progress

August 19, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

writer at work a

Just for fun, a peek at what I’m working on now…

Gunn felt like dragon shit for using their brothers’ death. Yet he’d do it again. A demon did what had to be done or he wasn’t worthy to call himself a male. He nudged his brother further away from the enemy. “Fight her. You can do this. I’ll help.”

He drew in a deep breath, inhaling her scent. Night blooming jasmine, need, and sweet-hot female, wrapped around his balls and squeezed tenderly.

He turned toward her without consciously willing it. The thin under garment was halfway undone exposing the plump edge of delicate breasts. Pale skin glowed with heat and life. The pulse of her heart was visible in the tracery of a blue vein. Every cell in his body yearned to possess her. Even the red rune warnings on her sternum struck him as pure erotic seduction.

“She’s a dragon shifter?” he asked, forcing the words past an all consuming need destroying his will and his control.

“Is that what her runes say?”

Gunn swallowed hard, fighting the mind-stealing lust. “The signs actually read dragon and fire. So yeah, dragon shifter is my guess.”

“Seems like a safe bet,” Diablo croaked.

“Latent?” Gunn hardly recognized the harsh rasp coming from his throat.

“I guess,” his brother said, adding a muttered, “Maybe she won’t change. Transition usually happens at puberty if it’s ever going to.”

“Bloody dragons.”

Diablo gave a rusty chuckle. “Better watch your language. She might take offense.”

Gunn snorted, an occasional derogatory dragon curse was the least of their troubles. “Any mating sign?”


Thank the Fire Goddess. “That’s good then.”

“Don’t count on it lasting. She hasn’t even regained consciousness. I don’t think I’ll have much choice.” Diablo gave him a sheepish smile. “If she’ll have me—I’m hers”

Gunn shook his head, trying to clear it. “She could reject you.”

“Yeah, she might send both of us packing.” Gloom darkened Diablo’s hard expression. “Can mating happen on one-sided? You know, like I want her and she doesn’t give a shit?”

The question chilled Gunn’s hot blood. If she rejected Diablo, he’d still fight to the death to claim her. And if the male felt half of the craving gripping him, then he couldn’t blame him.

“I don’t know,” he admitted, clinging to the thin comfort that so far, neither one of them exhibited mating sign. “Did you taste her?”

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Romancing the Book Reviewed Simply Irresistible

August 15, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday


The gracious reviewe, Vitoria mentioned she’d like to see more these characters and the small town where much of the story happens. Sterling Falls is very much alive in my mind, so is the Crucible, the exclusive BDSM club featured in the book. At the moment my schedule is full, but I’d love a chance to write more of the Masters’ adventures as well as those of the the extended Sterling family.

Here’s a snippet from Victoria’s five star review:

“As Tiana and Liam get to know each other the danger increase as someone wants Tiana and Liam out of the way. The chemistry in and out of the bedroom is explosive. I loved that while Tiana was a submissive she was not willing to lay down and do whatever her Dom told her to. She had a brain on her shoulders and used it.” The entire review is available here.

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Joon’s Temptation

August 12, 2014 | Fan Friday

Joon 2 500x750

Until last month’s release Joon’s Temptation was one of my largely undiscovered titles. The book is one of my favorites, okay, they are all my favorites for one reason or another.

I wanted the story to have a second chance to enchant readers. With that in mind, I included a request for reviews on Amazon and/or Goodreads.

Experience has taught me there’s nothing wrong with asking for what I want. In fact, asking for exactly what I want increases the chances of getting it. Of course readers are under no obligation to do anything for me.

The reviews I appreciate most when I’m browsing for a new book are those that explain what they liked and what didn’t work for them. An informative, balanced review takes much more work than the I-loved-it or the don’t-waste-your-time kind. A rave with specific, what-I-loved-about-this-book details or a detailed rant both give me insight into whether or not the tale will appeal to me.

This might be the right time to admit I rarely take the time to write a balanced thoughtful review of stories I’ve read. :blush: My sole excuse is writers tend to critique more than review. A non-writer has a different, fresher perspective.

Do you read reviews before buying a book? Do your write reviews?

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On writing menage romances

August 8, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

writer at work a

Long before any of my stories were published I wrote fantasies that appealed to me. That part hasn’t changed, but my ability to craft those flights of imagination into a coherent tale continues to improve.

The idea of more than one hero intrigued me from the first. After all even the best multi-tasker has limits. A single hero has to walk the line between being sexy, strong, brave, and yet vulnerable, and flawed–human. That’s a lot to ask from one guy. Two heroes can divide the work, double up on the good stuff, and provide the spice of variety.

I understand men dream about a relationship with more than one woman too, but they’ll have to find someone else to write their fantasies.

Do you have a favorite fantasy?

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Coming Soon-ish

August 5, 2014 | Teaser Tuesday

writer at work a

After re-releasing Joon’s Temptation last month and restructuring Dalila’s Choice and Camille’s Capture to integrate the three stories into the same New Eden storyverse, I debated what to work on next. The choice is never easy. :dizzy:

Zaynah won the tight race between a the multitude of adventures in my head. Originally titled Ranin Seven, the novella is and set in the same fictional reality as the New Eden Chronicles, just a different galaxy. With hyperlight travel an everyday occurrence, an glimpse into the lives of old friends is a distinct possibility.

I’m hoping for a smoother revision process, than Joon required. But when it comes to a choice between speed or story quality I will always choose quality. The best possible story is what readers deserve and what do my best to deliver.

Once Zaynah’s polished and reissued, the third Demon Hunter story is next.

If you have a story you’d like after that, don’t be shy, leave a comment!

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Marie Force Is My Latest Fan Girl Crush

August 1, 2014 | Fan Girl Friday

reading woman two
I’ve been reading Marie Force for a while now and I can’t pick a favorite. For me she’s an autobuy.

If you like romantic suspense then I suggest starting with Fatal Affair

If contemporary romance is more your thing check out Maid for love , which is free!

Her single titles are equally delightful, in fact I haven’t read anything by Ms. Force that failed to charm me, even when I’m blinking back tears.

For fans, the bundled titles are a super deal. Bundle:Line of Scrimmage, Love at First Flight, and Everyone Loves a Hero.

Read any good books lately?

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Indie Adventures Continued…

July 29, 2014 | Cover art

I’m still not totally thrilled with A Taste of Scarlet’s cover.

This is the current version:


Here’s my first try:

Treeland Pack I 500 X 666

Since I can’t find a stock photo that matches the couple in my head maybe I should go with something else like: stock-photo-sexy-woman-soft-body-panties-154113587

Or perhaps just Daniel this guy is pretty close to the werewolf in my head…


I love Scarlet and Daniel and want a cover that does them justice. :sad: Preferences? Suggestions?

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One dangerous warrior woman plus two rogue demon males equals a love to threaten an empire.

She finds paradise in the arms of twin brothers, but their law demands she chose one warrior to mate and one to die.

One woman, two men, three wounded hearts, although mated, their love is forbidden.

A plump, sweet-natured breeder, is caught in New Eden’s endless war with Baldor. Her mates need cunning and courage to rescue her. They need a miracle to capture her heart.

Scarlet’s wolf connection shattered while held captive by a pack of rogue Alphas. Determined to serve a pack in need of her healing, she searches for the legendary werewolf whisperer.

When both Hunter and Tru bond with Amber their mating triangle threatens everything they hold dear.
Read more >>>

All Holly wants is a dom to call her own. All Colin wants is a sweet little slave and some rope. It should have been so easy… Why the hell did she have to be human?

Fiery Miranda agrees to serve as Tey’s sub-- definite type casting. She’s loved him forever, but he accepts her only under duress. Can she still win his love?

Tall, dark and dominant Liam meets, small, wary and submissive Tiana, they’re two sides of the same coin—a perfect match, right? Not even close.

The mech warrior triad is an irresistible combination of heavy metal bodies, strong minds, and true hearts. But can they win her love?

One of the few women left on Earth, Tori surrenders to the mech warriors sent to seduce her, but can they keep her?

World War II heats up on the home front. For two lonely Alphas sex ensures survival. Vivian loves Fergus, but a pack leader can’t bow to anyone even when surrender is her only chance for true victory.

Ivy craves Chet’s touch almost as much as she fears it, embracing the heat arcing between them will either kill her or cure her.

Duec was prepared to wait as long as it took for Belinda to accept his claim, until his enemies made her a target and death loomed. Now time is the ultimate hard limit and hers is running out.

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