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Coming Soon Warriors’ Wife!

January 24, 2017 | Cover art

Warriors’ Wife (Seduction Missions book two) is available for pre-order on Amazon!

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Warriors’ Woman

January 10, 2017 | Real life

Warriors’ Woman is once again available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for a new and improved price!

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The shrinking world

January 3, 2017 | Real life

All Romance is no longer. The ebook world is smaller and this makes me sad.

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Revamping the Sterlings

December 21, 2016 | Cover art

Remember this cover? Ellora’s Cave kindly returned the rights to publish this title and threw in the original art work. Much as I liked the tasteful photos of Sterling Falls there’s something about an almost naked man…

With that thought in mind, I revamped the second book in the series too!

What do y’all think?

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Teaser Tuesday

November 22, 2016 | Teaser Tuesday

writer at work a

Did y’all notice I added a deleted scene from KYLE to the free reads collections?

Check it out here!

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Release Day!

November 8, 2016 | Teaser Tuesday


KYLE is live!

All Romance


Barnes and Noble

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Last Sneak Peek at KYLE

November 1, 2016 | Teaser Tuesday


The final snippet from KYLE, Sterling Falls II, releasing November 8th!

Cat rested her head on his chest for a moment as the butterflies in her belly settled down for a nap. Gradually her heartbeat eased back from panic and synched with his. “Thank you for being so wonderful.”
“That’s my line, kitten.” Kyle pressed a tender kiss to her temple.
“Is that Ben’s ride?” She angled her head toward the SUV.
“Yeah, he’s covering us tonight.”
How does another bodyguard help? None of us are bullet proof. She swallowed her doubts as he handed her into the car, not wanting to upset Teddy and determined to trust Kyle.
Once he was driving she asked, “Who all is going to be there for dinner?”
“Family mostly, you already know my brothers, plus any strays,” he said cheerfully.
“Will there be other kids?” Teddy leaned forward from the backseat.
“Sure, my nephews and nieces. Cal is seven, Bernie’s five, Laurie and Mattie are three. Not sure if Anya will eat with us or not. She’s sixteen and a serious computer geek.
“You’ll have plenty of company, squirt,” Cat reassured.
“That’s good.” Teddy let out a sigh of heartfelt relief.
Minutes later, Kyle held her door, Teddy bouncing anxiously at his side.
She grabbed her brother’s hand and squeezed. “We were here just a couple of nights ago, so no worries. Right?”
“Right.” He nodded, not looking at all convinced.
The front door opened and identical future heartbreakers tumbled out. One dressed in tiny jeans and red sweater with hair ribbon barely clinging to dark curls. The other girl wore snowflake leggings under a velvet dress studded with sparkling garnets.
They scrambled after a pair of gold retriever puppies busy yellowing up the snow.
“Unca Kyle get ‘em!” The velvet clad princess stamped a miniature boot.
“Not so fast, pal.” He caught a wriggly pup, holding him up for inspection. His prisoner rewarded him with enthusiastic kisses.
A mirror image twin scooted after the other wriggling puppy.
Teddy scooped up the second escapee. “You should use a leash.”
“We don’t use them in the house.” The small beauty educated him with haughty graciousness, holding out an imperious arm for her pet.
Teddy handed over the squirming puppy.
“Inside, both pups in the crate, now.” Liam ordered.
Cat caught herself from rushing to obey, stilling just in time to keep from grabbing a pup and dashing into the house. Plainly he wasn’t to her. She clamped her mouth closed and tried to act as if his narrowed gaze and stern baritone didn’t intimidate her a bit.
Not surprisingly, his regal princesses rushed to mind.

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Sneak Peek at KYLE

October 25, 2016 | Teaser Tuesday


Another teaser from KYLE, Sterling Falls II releasing November 8th!

He leaned over, framing her face—holding her still for a kiss. His lips feathered over hers, light and maddening, until she got brave and nipped his lower lip.
A deep chuckle carried notes of coffee and cinnamon along with his own addictive flavor. The rich taste aroused her senses.
His laughter ended abruptly as he captured her mouth, deepening the kiss, sending his tongue into to tangle with hers, exploring every centimeter, and claiming all of it.
Intoxicated by him, she never considered any alternative to unconditional surrender.
He kicked off his boots, snuggling in with her.
The room hadn’t changed since she left for college. Stretched out in the frilly bed, he should’ve have looked ridiculous.
He didn’t. Even though he was as out of place in girly ruffles as a dangerous predator bedding down in a clean stable.
Dark, rough, and thrillingly dangerous, he dominated the room—dominated her.
Her breathing grew faster, her heart pumped harder, her breasts swelled while her sex plumped and slickened, obviously her body had no problem with being dominated.
A heavy thigh pinned her legs in place. A powerful arm banded beneath her hyper-aware breasts. A roughened palm curled possessively over her right breast. His thumb brushed the excited nipple, making it stiffen further until it had pebbled into an achy peak. Her pussy wept soaking her panties.
An impressive erection pressed her hip, sending happy tingles from the top of her head to the bottom of her ticklish soles.
She’d never considered herself especially sexual. The two times she’d been intimate hadn’t included extras like tingling excitement, certainly not from nothing more than a caress.
With Kyle, she had a feeling sex would be very different.
She already burned with an unfamiliar need, constantly aware of his energy and presence, while a restless neediness made her yearn for more.
He didn’t move for long moments.
Expecting at least another toe-curling kiss, she fidgeted in tiny ways, while trying hard not to call attention to her edginess. Her face heated in a blush she hoped the darkness hid, her pulse thundered, drowning out his steady calming heartbeat as she fought to keep from panting.
His luscious lips brushed the underside of her jaw, nibbling preternaturally aware skin, and making her shiver in spite of the heat burning her up from inside out.
“You’re so sweet.”
“Must be all the holiday treats I’ve been eating.” Her inane comment came out too breathy and needy to lighten the tension arching her closer.
He didn’t respond. Perhaps because he was busy using his wicked mouth to nip and lick his way south along the tender skin to where her neck and shoulder met.
“I need more,” he growled.
Her mouth dried, stealing her voice as her wits burned away from the searing heat of his mouth. The silky babydoll nightie flew over her head before she considered raising an objection.
He reared back inspecting her exposed breasts with disconcerting thoroughness.
“You are so fucking beautiful.”

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Sneak Peek at KYLE

October 18, 2016 | Teaser Tuesday


Here’s a snippet from KYLE, releasing next month:

“Keys.” He held out a palm.
She leaned closer and dropped them in his hand.
Unable to resist just one taste. He captured her chin and held her still for a kiss that started slow and tender then she parted for him, inviting him inside and he plundered, claiming every centimeter of sweet, silky heat as his.
After he released her, she blinked. Her breaths as fast as the pulse beating at the base of her slender throat.
His wasn’t much steadier. The kiss had lit him up like jet fuel, but he jumped out, ran around, opened her door, and lifted her out of his rig, setting her on her feet. “Okay?”
She nodded still looking a little dazed.
“Go change.” He nudged her toward the house.
“Be back in five.” She flashed a smile as if he’d done something impressive, and stretched up, brushing her lips across his.
Fuck me, she’s sweet.
Since women seemed to think five minutes meant at least twenty, he checked the time on his dad’s old Zodiac Sea Wolf and headed for her ride.
Across the slush splattered rear door someone had gotten close enough to finger scrawl “Die Satan’s whore” in block letters. The nastygram hadn’t been there when he followed her home from the party.
His stomach knotted in reaction to the invasion and ugly words as if he’d been sucker punched. He forced himself to take a deep calming breath, grabbed a handful of snow, and smeared away the hateful message.
Noelle or one of her minions had trespassed on private property. No more need to worry he’d put Cat in danger. Clearly he had. She needed protection, more than he could provide while working alone. He damn well wasn’t going to endanger her any more than he already had.
He checked his watch. She’d only been gone three minutes. He got busy transferring her gear and settled into his rig. Thankful for the chance to make a few calls, starting with Ben, their cousin Jake, and Zach, one of his old USMC pals. He’d been his spotter during his first tour until a nasty bit of shrapnel sent the marine home early. He remained a close friend and was the owner of a first class security firm based in Seattle.
To his shock, she emerged from the house, bundled in a thick parka, leggings, and fleece lined suede boots, locking the door behind her as his thumb still hovered over Ben’s name.
He pocketed the cell and scrambled out of his ride. “Nice boots, but not too practical for field work.”
“This is exactly why I asked you to move the muck boots.” She narrowed her gaze playfully. “That’s the second time you’ve compliments my footwear choice. Who trained you?”
He chuckled. “My nieces, Laurie and Mattie. Toddlers don’t bother with subtly. They’ve made the importance of noticing their shoes optic-clear.”
Cat grinned back at him, moving her from beautiful straight into bombshell territory. “I bet they’re all kinds of adorable fun.”
He sucked in a needed breath and moved to open her door. “You changed fast.”
She scrunched her face in puzzlement. “I did say five minutes.”
“You did.”
“Not used to women, who mean what they say?” she teased.
“Fair warning, I tend toward plain speaking. Right now, I’m having second thoughts about leaving the Jeep here. Why don’t I just follow you?”
“Why not help save the environment and share a ride?” He countered, not anxious to explain about the target he’d painted on her back.
“I don’t want to drag you out into cold in an hour if there’s an emergency.”
“Do they happen often?” He stalled, scrambling for a convincing argument for him handling the driving.
“Not all that often, but always at the most inconvenient times.” Her expression remained convincingly deadpan, except for the dancing eyes.
“I’m willing to risk it.” He opened the door, boosted her into his ride, and hustled around to the driver’s side.

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A Scarlet Past

October 11, 2016 | Teaser Tuesday


A Scarlet Past has a new Cover and is once again available at all your favorite ebook stores!

This is a prequel to the Treeland Pack Tales, featuring Scarlet’s parents. They started out as backstory characters when I was writing A Taste of Scarlet. Fergus being an Alpha male began demanding a book of their own. Me being the wimpy writer, Fergus won.

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