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Six-Pack Saturday

December 13, 2008 | Uncategorized

Things I really like about reading books–

1) Selection–it is darn near unlimited. Whatever the subject, there’s a few titles available.

2) Reading fits my schedule–phone rings, company drops by, or the kitchen catches fire–no problem. Slip in a bookmark and tend to whatever. The story waits.

3) Fiction makes more sense than real life. The characters behave, well, in character–imagine that. In reality people are walking contradictions.

4) I don’t have to guess what the characters are thinking, the author generously shares.

5) The good guys win. At least, in the kind of books I read good triumphs over evil.

6) There are few dull bits, even those calm interludes hold vital clues to what’s really happening.

What do you like best about reading?

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