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Six things I love about Christmas

December 20, 2008 | Uncategorized

1) Christmas carols

2) Pine, cedar, fir, and holly

3) Gift wrapping

4) Cookie making

5) Christmas cards

6) Christmas stories

What’s your favorite part of the holidays?

PS I’m trying to distance myself from cookies, since they aren’t good for me and trying to learn to love snow because we have lots of it. Usually, we get a dusting a couple of times during the winter months. Rarely at Christmas, this year we’ve had real snow, icicles, and frozen north winds for more than a week. The thrill of a white Christmas thing is already wearing thin.

Seattle is nearly as hilly as San Francisco and no one is prepared to drive in the white stuff. Translation–the freeways and arterials are all clogged with buses, trucks, and cars half on half off the road.

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