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WIP Wednesday

December 31, 2008 | WIP Wednesday

Having developed an excellent opening act, thoroughly hooking the reader, and then creating a devious and cruelly twisted plot that has the poor reader staying up way too late, now the exhausted author needs to resolve all those heinous conflicts that she spent so much time dovetailing.

Recapping briefly, hooking the reader, making the characters thoroughly miserable, and then making them happy equals a great story frame.

When it comes to resolving all the troubles created, the ideal is a surprise that delights because it fits perfectly, and yet the avid reader never saw it coming.

In mysteries, romances, and all the other forms of popular fiction the best final acts accomplish this wonderful ending rather sneakily.

To be fair, the solution to the worst of the characters’ troubles can not come out of the blue. Meaning that it must be hinted at some where in the story, but subtly is perfectly fair.

Late one night, engrossed in a Lee Child thriller, I came to a revelation that had me flipping back to a prior section where I was certain the author had misled me. He hadn’t. He’d simply been very clever in allowing me to mislead myself.

I sat stunned by plot twist I hadn’t seen coming. That’s the way to resolve conflicts.

Happy New Year and may all your resolutions be brilliant.

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