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Fan Girl Friday

January 16, 2009 | Fan Girl Friday

I discovered romance via romantic suspense. Julie Garwood was the first pure romance author I found. I’d read her debut romantic suspense title and eagerly sought her backlist. When I found she’s written only romances, I was mightily disappointed. But, having enjoyed her story I decided to give her other work a try. She charmed me into reading a great many of her historical titles.

When I ran out of Garwoods and began looking around for more romances, I found a sea of books and little in the way of guidance. As with any of my fiction reading, it’s been hit and miss.

Over the years, I’ve tried a number of different systems to winnow out the good from the mediocre. I’ve had decent luck with Stephen King’s reading list. For me, he’s a iffy author–a matter of story choices more than writing. I always enjoy his writing, just not always his subject matter. In the back of his book, On Writing was a list of recent reads. I was surprised by the number of titles we had in common. Encouraged by this sign of similar taste, I’ve been sampling the new-to-me names on the list.

Working alphabetically, so far I’ve enjoyed Peter Abrahams, and Richard Bausch. Sadly, Mr. King doesn’t seem to read much romance. I know Nora Roberts reads him….

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