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Fan Girl Friday

January 23, 2009 | Fan Girl Friday

As far as I’m concerned books are like music, the genre matters way less to me than the appeal of a particular number.

Lately, I’ve had a hard time finding contemporary romances to enjoy, romantic comedy offers even slimmer pickings. Maybe it’s me, after a few thousand stories I’ve simply become jaded.

For a change of pace, I thumbed through a few thrillers before settling down to David Baldacci’s Camel Club, which is book one of the Camel Club series. The story moves along at fast pace, peopled with vivid characters and three quarters of the way through I’m still riveted.

Recently, I read a Peter Abrahams story, (A Perfect Crime) that was quite good, except for the coincidence in the center of this otherwise well-crafted thriller. Perhaps, I was the only one who found it less than credible.

Writers are picky readers.

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