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Fan Girl Friday

January 30, 2009 | Fan Girl Friday

In my ongoing quest to find a few hundred good books to read each year, I’m trying authors’ reading lists. So far, the percentage of success has increased dramatically.

Right now, I’m reading Richard Bausch’s In The Night Season. The book isn’t perfect nor is it intimidatingly intellectual. It is absorbing. The author’s voice vanishes, leaving the reader avidly engaged in the story.

I haven’t got a clue as to how the writer accomplished this feat. It’s rare in my reading and by its nature defies analysis. Usually, I’m aware of style and devices, even when I’m enjoying a book. Getting lost in the story is whole other level of the reading experience.

Even if I had a hefty supply of titles which delivered this kind of happy reading trance, I wouldn’t read them steadily. Because, I need to sleep and eat and work too.

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