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Fan Girl Friday

January 2, 2009 | Fan Girl Friday

Thanks to the snow storm in December, I got to read more than usual.

I even broke out an old Miss Silver mystery,which I’d been hoarding for a special treat. Patricia Wentworth wrote a whole slew of Miss Silver’s adventures. Alas, I’ve read most of them. The stories are like watching black and white movies. Written and set in the 1920’s, they are little holidays to another world where the villains are less gruesome and the heroes very British.

For those of us who like it, the stories include a romantic sub-plot.

Anybody get good books for Christmas? Not me, but then I have shelves of them so I’m not deprived.

Anna Campbell’s Tempt The Devil arrived shortly after Christmas. Already the internal debate over whether to save it as a special reward or gobble it up instantly is underway in my head.

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