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Fan Girl Friday

January 9, 2009 | Fan Girl Friday

Because I read excessively, I need a steady supply of good books. I’ve tried a variety of criterion for selection with disappointing results. I want variety, good writing, and entertainment.

Non-fiction is actually much easier, because in that category I’m reading for information and am a great deal less demanding.

Back to keeping myself supplied with literary amusement. My favorite kind of author is, new to me, prolific and reliable.

I’ve found one. Marion Chesney. She writes regency romance with a smooth style the first volume I perused, The Banishment was populated with vivid and likable characters, a nice plot, and satisfactory pacing.

Best of all, she wrote scads of titles. If I pace myself carefully, she will contribute to my reading for pleasure for a long time to come.

It won’t matter to me a whit if she tells me the same story over and over.

For me, reading is like getting dressed. Six days out of seven I wear the same kind of outfit, jeans and a top. All I ask is that they be neat and clean. On those days I go out in public, I’m a little more ambitious, putting on dressier things. And there are even rarer occasions when I want to look fancy. Translating this to reading, most days I want a comfortable, amusing read, i.e., genre fiction. Once a week, I want a story that makes me think. And a few times a year, I want a great piece of literature.

Please share your reading selection methods. Do you have a go-to list of authors? A sure-fire method of picking winners? Tell me about the best book you read last year–or the one you’re looking forward to reading most this year.

PS I have to eat my words already. I just tried Ms. Chesney’s second book. It was equally enjoyable. However, it was exactly the same story and I found reading it twice was quite enough. My list of reliable authors has shrunk again.

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