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Life in the secret garden

January 1, 2009 | Uncategorized


Now that the snow has melted, for the most part, broken branches picked up from the windstorms, and it’s raining once again–winter is as it should be in the Pacific Northwest.

The winter garden charms me with detail and structure and surprise.  The photo is of one of the small dogwood’s (cornus florida–Cherokee Princess)  bark.  Details lost in the abundance of Spring and Summer offer quieter entertainment during the short days of winter as long as it’s clement enough to wander outside.

I’ve become a weather weenie. Yesterday, it was chilly with a brisk wind. I worked outside for an hour, moving at a brisk pace while gathering storm debris, trimming frost damage, and shaping shrubs. It is the first day in a couple weeks it was nice enough to do any gardening. The unusually harsh winter makes me doubly grateful I planned the garden to be enjoyed from the house.

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