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Life In the secret garden

January 29, 2009 | Uncategorized


Stellata Magnolia enchants me twice a year, considering its pussy willow bud stage happens in Winter when nearly everything else is shivering in miserable little heaps, its well worth its space. The frothy white blossoms have a light lemony fragrance and arrive in Spring while my eye is still starved for flowers.

This isn’t a very good photo. When I thought about what I wanted to share with all of you–another lovely winter beauty–how to accomplish that got trickier and trickier. This photography business is not for whimps. In this case I think a ladder was called for. But, I’m not crazy about climbing to begin with–given the snow–forget about it.

Just use your excellent imaginations and picture a small complicated branch structure with those fuzzy silvery buds on the tips of every twig.

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