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Six-pack Saturday

January 31, 2009 | Uncategorized

My heroines are usually much braver than I am. That’s part of the fun of having lots of alter egos. In real life, I find lots of things frightening.

Six scary things for fraidy cat me…

1) Being up high, the more open (ladders, glass elevators, ropes) the scarier

2) Fast moving spiders. I know the ones in this neighborhood are harmless, but they still make shudder and jump.

3) Snakes, the ones around here are small and not a bit poisonous, still….

4) Being in confined places, especially underground. Buried alive stories always creep me out.

5) The dark, I hate walking into a dark room.

6) Being locked in, even it’s a decent sized room.

I had no trouble thinking of scary situations and I didn’t mention blank screens, fatal error, or submitting stories.

What scares you? I won’t tell anyone.

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