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Six-pack Saturday

January 10, 2009 | Uncategorized

Goal setting is one of those things I love to do. Right up there with to-do lists, budgeting, and organizing things. These tasks satisfy the inner fussbudget. And they serve a purpose.

Where my planning went wrong for years, was failing to distinguish between a goal and an aspiration. A goal is something I can control. An aspiration is a dream.

Nothing wrong with having dreams. Anticipation adds its own form a joy. Having dreams come true puts a pretty bow on top of a satisfying life.

The foundation of contentment doesn’t come from the realization of dreams. It is built brick by brick on the achievement of well-set goals.

Here’s how I set goals:

1) Identify result desired

2) Identify components needed to achieve this result

3) Assess current inventory for necessary components

4) Calculate what is needed

5) Breakdown the requirements into reasonably sized chunks

6) Work on the first component until its been achieved. Repeat.

If there is any section of this plan that is not within my control that portion has to be revised.

Defining and achieving goals is a slow and humbling process. But, it is head and shoulders above sitting around wishing for things to happen.

So what are you doing to make your dreams come true?

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