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Six-pack Saturday

January 24, 2009 | Uncategorized

More random writerly type musings, feel free to skip reading this blog.

The trade paperback release of Dangerous Surrender is available on Amazon both as new and used. It was originally released in December of 2007 went to print in 2008, seems weird that my baby is being sold in the gray market of used books already. On the other hand, most books have a limited shelf life. Previously read copies are frequently the only way to find an author’s backlist.

Dangerous Surrender is also available in the Sony store. This seems definitely cool. Not having a Sony book reader, I haven’t shopped there. But, availability is a good thing. Except for book pirate sites. Unauthorized downloads of e-books are like walking into a brick and mortar bookstore and stealing dozens of copies. I’m sure the Sony people are legit.

In November, the Paperback Swap site Dangerous Surrender was offered for free with each order. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Someone must have bought a lot of copies, which should be a good thing. But, giving them away for free? It just seems wrong….

Heck, I’ve never offered a free copy myself. Yes, lots of authors do. Contests with a free download of e-books are frequent in release announcements. But, I do excerpts so we’re talking degrees here…

Perusing the paranormal releases, it strikes me that demons are the new vampires, and gargoyles the new werewolves. Now, I will admit I was a total skeptic about vampires as the heroes of romance stories. And I’ve eaten every word after getting thoroughly hooked on J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Despite, having been proven wrong in past, gargoyles? They just don’t sound sexy. Now, demons are another matter. Emma Holly has already made me a believer.

My favorite books and authors are generally not the big mainstream successes. I’ve pondered this for years, wondering if I’m missing the appeal that is so clear to others or if book buyers favor consistency over excellence. I’ve accepted that there are no definitive answers to the whys of public opinion. But, I’m not alone in my preferences. Most writers are enamored of lesser known authors. So, I’ve found another writer’s reading recommendations a much better bet than any other source of reviews.

Feel free to add your own random notes…

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