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Teaser Tuesday

January 27, 2009 | Teaser Tuesday

As I was going through the files for the third dangerous book, Dangerous Secrets, I found a scene that I didn’t make the final cut. Though, it’s unpolished I still like it. So, consider it a bonus for dangerously sexy fans. As always, your comments are welcome.

PS Dangerous Secrets has been contracted by New Concepts Publishing, it’s not on the coming soon page, yet. But, two of my other stories are! And I still have my fingers crossed that this one will get squeezed into the 2009 schedule….

“What did he look like?” Sam asked crossly, aware he should have asked more questions before running off blind.

Karina gave him one of those are you completely crazy looks. But, she answered. “Sort of medium, tan, brown hair, running shorts–you don’t think–.” Her eyes widened.

“Yes, but Jesus, Joseph and Mary, I hope I’m wrong. The description doesn’t fit, but appearance is easy to change. I was certain I lost him yesterday. I can’t imagine how he’d find us. Where was he when you last saw him? ”

“You never mentioned he was following us,” she said quietly.

“Wasn’t sure.” He brushed off the soft accusation he’d heard in her voice.

“Wait.” She bounced up the stairs.

She sounded conciliatory. Sam didn’t chew her out. He had no room to complain–not when he had glossed over whole sections of the O’Brien saga. Especially, the part about how he and his pop ripped him off of five million dollars worth of ill-gotten gains.

“Looks like we both left off a few things,” he said casually.

“I’d love some coffee.” She changed the subject.

He held the door for her. “Me too.”

Once settled in the beach view coffee shop an awkward silence settled between them.

Karina turned her coffee cup choosing her words with care. “We haven’t really talked about what we’re going to do.” She paused to give Sam a chance to add his thoughts but he stayed quiet.

She glanced at him, but Sam’s gaze was focused somewhere down the beach. She swallowed a sigh, regretting her coffee was still too hot to drink.

“You ran down this beach?”

Obviously, Sam hadn’t heard a thing she’s said.

“Yes, this beach,” she answered him patiently.

“Then you turned around and ran back?”

“No,” she squirmed. “The guy following made me nervous so I detoured through the gardens coming back–easier to lose somebody. I probably overreacted I never saw him after I left the beach. Probably just another early morning jogger.”

Sam met her gaze. “I’m an idiot–I chased off half-cocked down to the beach and back up the same direct path to our suite. If I’d talked to you first, I could’ve caught him. ”

“And done what exactly?” she asked sharply.

“Killed him. It’s the only way any of us will ever be safe.”

She folded her arms in front of her chest. “That’s not what I want.” She leaned forward and pitched her voice only for Sam’s ears. “Then what–you’re on trial for murder? Or you’re looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life? Is that what you really want?”

“No, but there are things you don’t understand–.” He stopped talking as the waitress approached with their breakfast order.

“Soft boiled egg with whole wheat?” she asked pleasantly.

“That’s me,” Karina said.

The woman’s smile widened noticeably as she set a platter of eggs, bacon, pan-fried potatoes, fruit, and English muffin in front of Sam. “Is there anything else I can get for you?”

Like a side of sex? Karina thought cynically, wondering if she was going to get her heart broken again–real soon.

Falling for a man like Sam just wasn’t smart. He was used to women throwing themselves into his arms. It would be a big mistake for her to think there was going to be anything more between the two of them than a brief affair.

Casual sex had no part in her life. She knew that made her a laughable anachronism, which was why she wasn’t going to discuss her no-sex policy with Sam. Besides, the whole sordid story of her non-existent love life wasn’t something she wanted to share with hunk-of-year Samson.

Granted, she needed his help tracking down Todd’s killer but if she didn’t guard her heart then she’d wind up a pathetic basket case victim of unrequited love. Or worse. An image of her mother flashed, increasing her determination. A shiver of fear trickled down her spine, confirming the decision to keep her distance from Sam.

“No thanks,” Sam said dimpling disgustingly at the pretty waitress. “Looks like we’ve got everything we need right here.”

She resisted a rude impulse to make gagging noises, pretending a great interest in her coffee before taking a tentative sip. Still really hot, but no longer scalding. She took a second larger drink before setting it down, and then turned her attention to her egg.

“Since you know this O’Brien couldn’t you describe him to the police?” They have resources we don’t for tracking him down.”

Sam continued to consume his breakfast platter at an efficient pace.

She added incentive to her suggestion. “Plus, they would be able to stop him from leaving the island.”

Sam looked up from his meal, meeting her gaze with ice. “He won’t leave Jamaica until everyone I care about is dead.”

That would make us even. She modified her bitter thought before speaking. “Todd pretty much was my whole family.”

Sam’s eyes dropped to his plate. “I’m sorrier than I can tell you that he died. But keeping you and my mom alive comes first.”

“Don’t you think the police can help with that?”


“Why not?” she asked reasonably.

Sam’s gaze shifted to what was left of her egg and toast. “Are you through with that?”

She sat down the corner of crust she’d been crumbling. “Sure.”

He pushed his plate toward to center and the waitress appeared almost immediately.

“Can I get you anything else?” She asked anxious to please.

She snagged the bill. “No thanks.”

“I’ll get that,” he held out a hand for the bill.

He’d made it perfectly clear that bringing Todd’s killer to justice was secondary to protecting his family.

She understood his feelings. But, that didn’t change hers. She didn’t want his mother, or anyone else for that matter, to get hurt. Nevertheless, she had to do everything in her power to find justice for her brother. Working with the authorities was the right thing to do.

Obviously, Sam had another agenda. One he didn’t choose to share with her.

“Thanks, but I like to pay my own way,” she said calmly.

Sam reached for his wallet. “Don’t be silly.”

“Taking care of myself is not silly,” she said quietly as she stood.

He watched her march over to the cashier. Seeing nothing but a spine rigid with the rejection of his offer. He dug out five dollars for a tip, trying to figure out how he’d offended her. He’d made it plain that she was in jeopardy. But, Jesus H. Christ, Karina, more than anyone else, should understand the seriousness of the threat.

O’Brien had tried to blow them up last night. And now, she was acting like he was the enemy. Let the stubborn woman pay for her own breakfast. He didn’t have anything to prove. And yet, it bothered him. Even more so when he found out she’d paid for his food too.

When he left the café, she was already out of sight. Once again, his lack of patience had put her in danger. Hell, he put her in danger no matter what he did.

If anything happened to her….

He set a new land speed record getting to the suite, using his key to enter quietly. She was moving her clothes from the dresser to her suitcase.

“Hang on a minute,” he called out as he reached the top of the stairs.

She whirled both hands bracing an evil looking Glock.

Déjà vu, all over again. He strode straight for her.

Slowly, she lowered the weapon. “I didn’t hear you come in.”

“Don’t run off like that again.”

For a few second he thought she was going to argue. But then, her expression softened.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to worry you.”

Sam let out the breath he’d been holding. “You did. I know Todd was you brother, but he was my best friend. What’s more I promised him I’d look after you if anything ever happened to him.”

The softness in her blue eyes changed to back to pure frost. “It’s not like I’m twelve. I can look after myself just fine.”

He scowled. “Yes well, a promise is a promise.”

“Fine, then promise to help me bring his killer to justice.”

“You don’t need to ask,” he said icily.

She offered her hand. “Great, partners then?” When Sam made no effort to shake on her offer she added, “Just until O’Brien is behind bars.”

He should simply shake her hand. But he just couldn’t do it.

“I promised.” He met her eyes, willing her to understand.

She dropped her arm and continued her packing. “Fine do what you have to do, but count me out of the vigilante act.”

“Fine we’ll try talking to the police. It’s a waste of time. But I’ll do it because it’s important to you.”

“Thank you.” she squeezed his arm.

He felt ridiculously thrilled. Knowing when to back off was part of the art of war. And he certainly couldn’t keep an eye on her if she went running off on her own. Once she contacted the police and realized how little interested they were in finding her brother’s killer then she’d be more willing to listen to reason. Having satisfied himself the time spent was worthwhile, he began thinking of other things he needed to take care of in Kingston.

“Let me know when you’re ready.”

“Give me another five minutes.”

He settled down and flipped through his phone messages. To his surprise, she bumped her suitcase down the stairs with a full minute to spare.

Her phone rang while they were checking out and Sam missed the conversation. When he rejoined her, commandeering her luggage he noticed new worry lines between her eyebrows. “Everything okay?”

“I’m not sure,” she answered.

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