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WIP Wednesday

January 28, 2009 | WIP Wednesday

After writing eight full length novels, a bunch of partials, and several novella I’m sure about one thing. When I’m in the process of writing I have no perspective about whether or not the story is any good.

For me editing is an entirely different process than creating. Writing the first draft is all opening up a vein and bleeding all over the virtual page. But, how much of the emotion, action, and scenery that existed in my head actually make it onto the page–I have no idea.

Experience tells me, I’ve left off lots. This is odd, considering I love detail as a reader. As a writer I’ve learned that sometimes it’s fine to omit parts. Readers are smart and they don’t need every detail spelled out and repeated. But, they aren’t mind readers.

Figuring out what details need to be included, and which ones are better skipped–ah, there’s one of the tricky bits.

How much detail do you like in a story?

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