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WIP Wednesday

January 7, 2009 | WIP Wednesday

Back to the future–next

When I wrote Dalila’s Choice I knew that I’d only scratched the surface of the stories teeming on the distant world of Enyo. And there’s always something about the underdog that calls to me. So, the next story belongs to Joon.

As a Belle Amity commander and as a magic wielder she knows everything about courage, discipline, and self-reliance. But, she knows nothing of forming emotional bonds or of passion.

She doesn’t see herself as a romantic figure. Dreaming up her perfect match was easy–getting the lovers through their difficulties to a satisfying resolution will be a challenge… But, that’s the fun part of writing.

For the writers out there in the blogasphere, what’s your favorite part of writing?

For the readers, I’d love to hear about your favorite stories….

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