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WIP Wednesday

January 21, 2009 | WIP Wednesday

Each story I write goes through predictable stages. It took me a long time to catch onto the pattern…

There’s the initial excitement where what-ifs ping pong around inside my head and the story seed grows into a concept that is totally brilliant, but only in the inner vision.

Then there’s the compilation of characters, plot, images, and structure all of which adds up to many more questions than answers.

Here’s where the concept has a fifty-fifty survival rating. A fatal flaw may doom the unborn manuscript. Or it can be set aside a frozen embryo of a story. Or it survives to become a WIP and eventually a completed book.

When I first started writing with the dream of getting published, I leapt directly into the business of writing the manuscript, eager to capture the vision onto the hard drive.

Experience has convinced me of the value of story development before actual writing. But, there are many successful authors, who wing it every time. Each of us has to find the processes that works for us.

So what have you learned the hard way?

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