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Fan Girl Friday

February 6, 2009 | Fan Girl Friday

Paranormal, futuristic, and urban fantasy books appeal to me because they remove the constraints of reality. Instantly, I’m transferred into an alternate world with unknown rules.

Despite this happy trance, the story still has to make sense, the characters have to be understandable, and the writing decent or else I’m likely to get cranky and exercise my right to quit reading.

Sometimes all of those elements are in place and the story still fails to appeal. Like any reader, I have preferences. First person narration isn’t a deal breaker because there are authors who’ve charmed me despite my prejudice against first person stories. Stupid heroines may make me grit my teeth, but if the rest of the package is working then I’m still reading. Whiny heroes are even more grating than stupid heroines.

Other times even the basics are strained and I keep reading. An original intense conflict, emotional investment, and character identification are the shortest routes to keeping my interest.

My love affair with a new author often comes as a complete surprise.  I do a lot of speculative reading with low expectations.  That’s actually a plus for the new author.

Authors either decline or improve.  My favorites are those who get better over time.  The other kind get discarded after a disappointment or at most two.   Thus, the autobuy list stays very short and the experimental reading is a way of life.

How about you? Do you have autobuy authors you can rely on to keep you entertained or are you reading off the beaten path seeking those elusive treasured keepers?

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