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Fan Girl Friday

February 20, 2009 | Fan Girl Friday

A couple of weeks ago, I nattered on about what works for me in a story, here.  Then Danielle asked about my favorite books, which prompted another blog, here where I listed my best-loved romances.

Moving on to sci-fi and fantasy.  Here’s my list of keepers.

The Hobbit by J R R Tolkien–the ring trilogy is wonderful too.   Bilbo is always going to be number one with me.

The Deryni Series by Katherine Kurtz–it’s been a few years so I can’t pick one over the other–I simply devoured the whole series.

The Pern books by Anne McCaffrey–as with the Deryni books, once started I couldn’t stop until they were all gone.

The Word Trilogy by Terry Brooks–I liked Wizard World books too, but not as much.

The Discworld books by Terry Pratchett–stories that stay with you long after the cover is closed.

Dead Lines by Greg Bear Darnwin’s Radio is also good.   Books that made me think differently.

Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein–the book that opened up a whole world of new sci-fi for me, most of which wasn’t nearly as good as the one one I’d started with.

I Robot by Isaac Asimov–actually I’ve enjoyed lots of his titles,  the robot series has always stood out in my mind.

Dune by Frank Herbert–one of those books that gripped me from the opening lines.  For me, none of the sequels, which are still being released came any where close to the original.

While I was checking the spelling of author’s names and the titles, I found a couple more I want to read.  Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End and Ender’s Game by Orson Scott.

Please feel free to add your favorites.

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