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Fan Girl Friday

February 27, 2009 | Fan Girl Friday

Continuing the favorite books discussion that started with romance here went on to sci-fi and fantasy titles here , a list of mysteries and thrillers.

The Nero Wolfe series by Rex Stout–has hung on to first place for many years

Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is well worth the time

Sax Rohmer’s Fu Manchu stories are a fascinating adjunct to the Sherlock Holmes cases

Eventually, I lost interest in Travis McGee’s adventures by John D. MacDonald but it took a couple of dozen books…

Ditto for Robert Parker’s Spencer (I actually liked Hawke better),  but then I would…

Dashiell Hammett does it better than either MacDonald or Parker, but he wasn’t as prolific

Patricia Wentworth writes the very comfortable Miss Silvers stories

Tess Gerritsen pens wonderfully twisted novels of mystery and suspense,  sometimes with a medical twist

Donald Westlake writes a dependably gripping who-done-it

Charlaine Harris’s  Shakespeare series is excellent.

I’ve been riveted by everything Lynda LaPlante has written.  But, her cold series is my favorite.

David Baldacci’s The Winner is on my keeper shelf–the rest of his stories  I’ve found uneven, some gripping–some not so gripping.

Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series varies too, but the difference is between OMG this is fantastic and pretty damn fine

P.D. James writes wonderfully perverted villains and complicated heroes

Thomas Perry’s Jane Whitefield series enthralled me so completely I haven’t tried his other titles

Peter Abrahams thrillers have kept me up much too late on more than one occassion

I read lots of John Sandford’s prey series before I lost interest

Tom Clancy’s first few military thrillers riveted me

Elmore Leonard is worth reading for the dialogue alone

I love Jeffery Deaver’s stories except for Lincoln and Amanda I can’t erase the Denzel Washington version of the famous detective and it interferes with my enjoyment of the books.  Fortunately, he’s written lots of other stories.   The Blue Nowhere was especially terrific.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten favorites, please add yours.

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