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Six-Pack Saturday

February 7, 2009 | Uncategorized

Last month, I had exciting news (here’s where I post the latest scoop)

After the initial giddy rush of selling calmed down I realized that makes six stories sold.

Three Dangerous Books:

Dangerous Surrender

Dangerous Rescue

Dangerous Secrets

The Dangerous books are all erotic romantic suspense. In my head are even more dangerous stories….

And then there are the (so far) three unrelated stories:

Dalila’s Choice– a futuristic erotic romance. It’s the prequel to a series set in a distant galaxy…

Wicked Games– a contemporary erotic romance.  The first installment of the Wicked stories, which are dangerous only in their degree of sexiness.

Pirate Rules– another contemporary erotic romance, also the first story in the Pirate series.   Since  I hadn’t read any erotic modern pirate stories lately, and since I love them, I had to write these stories.

Having sold one or more installments in four different series, it dawns on me that I am insanely ambitious.

As a reader, I expect at least an annual installment for any series I’m hooked on. Writing four different series, let me think…. Perhaps, if I’m organized, dedicated, and the keyboard holds out, it can be done.

But, am I working on any of the wonderful, exciting, series I’ve been fortunate enough to sell?  Er, no, I’m um working on a fifth…. Clearly it’s a hopeless case of writing mania.

Are you ambitious or sensible? Tell me there’s someone else who gets carried away by enthusiasm, please.

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