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Six-Pack Saturday

February 21, 2009 | Uncategorized

Big events, birth, graduation, career advances, weddings, retirement–all the milestones of life–are sources of both joy and stress.

Day to day ordinary pleasures give me more reliable satisfaction.   Here’s a list of little things that make me smile.

1) Flowers–I adore them.  Inside or out, blossoms always delight me.  Every room of the house holds flowers in one form or another.

2) Good books–for me a day without reading is a day lessened. I read for fun, for information, and for inspiration.

3) Art work–prints, originals or sculptures I pick pieces that please my eye.

4) Music–there’s always music that fits my mood or improves it.

5) Scent–so many evocative scents, fresh ground coffee, old-fashioned roses, the tang of citrus…

6) Textures–smooth, crisp, or silken–there’s pleasure in petting the spoiled cat, in pulling on clean clothes, in snuggling under covers…..

What always brings a smile to your lips?

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