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Sunday funnies

February 8, 2009 | Sunday funnies

An 81 year-old guy loved to fish. He out in his boat ready to drop a line in the water, when he heard a voice say, “Pick me up.”

He looked around, but he couldn’t see any one. He wondered if he’d nodded off and was dreaming. When he heard the same voice. “Pick me up.”

In the water, bobbing along was a frog.

The old man said, “Are you talking to me?”

The frog said, “Yes, I’m talking to you. Pick me up. Then kiss me and I’ll turn into the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen. And then, I’ll give you more sexual pleasure than you could ever have imagined.”

The old man looked at the frog for a long moment before reaching over and picking it gently out of water. Very carefully, he tucked her into his front breast pocket.

Then the frog protested, “Are you nuts? Didn’t you hear what I said? I said kiss me and I’ll give you sexual pleasure like you’ve never even dreamed existed.”

He glanced down at the indignant frog. “Nah, at my age I’d rather have a talking frog.”

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