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Teaser Tuesday

February 3, 2009 | Teaser Tuesday

An unedited excerpt from Wicked Games , releasing in April from New Concepts Publishing.

This a is a very carnal story, suitable only for adults (blush).
“What do your friends call you?” she asked, fighting to breathe evenly.

“Damien, if they want an answer.”

Rhianna laughed at his almost stuffy serious manner. He was so deliciously young. Suddenly, she felt much more at ease with him.

“So how long have you been a masseur?”

“A few years,” he said. His gaze slid away from hers as he patted the freshly sheeted table in invitation.

She doubted the honesty of his vague answer. But, she wasn’t going to grill him. She hopped up on the table, and then turned awkwardly, trying to preserve some decorum on the narrow surface as she lay on her stomach. “You must have started very young.”

“Oui,” he agreed his deep rich voice full of smooth confidence once again.

And why shouldn’t he be confident, he looked like the Greek God of seduction. Was there such a deity? She couldn’t remember–mythology and college seemed a lifetime ago.

Rhianna let out a breath she didn’t realize she’d held as the top sheet floated over her behind. Before the extra layer of protection fully settled, the towel, which she’d wrapped so securely, was whisked off without further ceremony. The loss of her covering effectively pinned her to the table with modesty.

Before she had a chance to grow seriously discomforted, oil-slicked hands stroked her foot, finding new points of pleasure. Unlike any other massage she’d ever had, the sensation was divine, erasing all conscious thoughts as tension flowed out of her body. The lotion’s sweet scent of coconut and wild ginger lulled her. A delicious languor seeped through her as he continued to work on her feet.

Slowly, so slowly, so very slowly that she felt no alarm, his hands traveled to her ankles. Again, he found surprising nerve endings, which made her sigh with satisfaction. Tension melted away under his expert caresses. Her calf muscles yielded to the wonder of his soothing strokes and sensuous kneading. When his thumbs worked on her hamstrings, a small moan escaped her lips.

“It feels good, oui?” Damien’s silky voice teased her ears.

“Very good,” she admitted reluctantly. A small voice whispered about the danger of being so relaxed. Alone with a large, powerful, and charismatic man was hardly wise.

This was madness, especially reckless, Rhianna reminded herself, when her sexual needs had been on hold for so very long. But the faint warning voice grew even softer because her whole body was humming with lovely sensations. Every centimeter he touched melted, until she was nothing more than a steaming puddle of achy need. And the voice of caution had been drowned out by desire.

He massaged the muscles in her behind. Without any thought of the consequences, she instinctively arched into his hands.

Before she’d settled fully back onto the table, he slapped her bare bottom hard enough to warm her southern cheeks.

“No pushing,” he scolded. Instantly, he returned to kneading her now stinging derriere.

She mumbled something that passed for an apology. A flush spread like wildfire across her breasts, up her neck to her cheeks, and back around pulsing with scorching heat into the heart of her urgent hunger.

The sensation grew so strong so fast, that she fought to stay conscious.

Feminine muscles tightened and eased ever faster in a pulsing pattern that pushed her close to climax. When she was seconds from an extremely overdue orgasm, he moved up to the base of her spine, and then began stroking and kneading her back.

Her disappointment was so sharp she wanted to cry out from the stinging frustration.

Gradually, her body eased back from the throbbing peak. Her crankiness receded under the pressure of his capable hands. She allowed him to soothe away the tension in her upper back.

A moan of sheer bliss escaped as his talented fingers found and released a knotty band of tightened sinews.

He spoke with matter-of-fact confidence. “See how good that feels. You need to relax, and let me take care of you. I know what you need.”

A pang of jealousy pinched as she wondered how many women he’d said exactly the same thing to. The touch of his strong hands did feel divine. But she was used to being in charge. And what was more to the point, she wasn’t at all sure about his master and commander attitude. Though, when he’d spanked her behind–she’d nearly climaxed.

Gentle tugs and rubs lulled her restless hand and eased away more knots of the tense muscles of her arm. Her shoulder and neck muscles released under his attentions like over wound springs set free. They unrolled back into well-oiled pliability at the heat of his magic touch.

Then he stopped.

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