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WIP Wednesday

February 4, 2009 | WIP Wednesday

When I first seriously considered writing as a career, I had on my favorite rose-olored glasses. But, I did some research too. So I had a good idea how long the odds were of getting published at all, let alone making a living. And yet, I dove in those deep waters.

One of things I never really thought about was how many hours it takes to write a book. If it had crossed my mind, I doubt I would have formulated anything close to accurate estimate. Because the answer is different for each writer.

What kind of book? How much research? How fast does she type? How fast does she think? How experienced is she? All legitimate factors to weigh before coming up with a reliable answer.

Even with the clear vision of hindsight, I’d make the same choice. Each story takes whatever it takes. And the worst days writing are still pretty amazing. It is the perfect career for an obsessive-compulsive who’s happy adding and removing commas, seeking a fresh phrase, and dreaming up a new plot twist.

How about you, did you pick your career or did it pick you?

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