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WIP Wednesday

February 18, 2009 | WIP Wednesday

A while back I looked at one of those stunningly productive author’s website.  Her work-in-process list scrolled on with more than a dozen titles.

I thought what an amazing mind she must have to keep all those different story threads alive.

Now that I’ve been at this a bit longer, I’m thinking maybe she simply suffered from the better idea syndrome.  This frequently afflicts me.  Just recently, I was tidying up the last of the Christmas story, ready to set it on the shelf so I could rush off to work on another futuristic romance when what should wander into my already over-crowded brain, but a new thought about how my conflicted lovers resolved their issues.

So, I returned to the Christmas tale for another ten days.  Now, it really is resting, finally.  How disciplined are you?  Do you stick to your plan or improvise when inspiration strikes?

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