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Fan Girl Friday

March 27, 2009 | Fan Girl Friday

As a bonus from participating in a reading group, I’ve gotten organized about my reading. No more embarrassing repurchases of a title I already own. Nope, I enter the title when I order a book or request one from the library. I keep track of the TBR shelves, which are much tidier than they were, and I rate the stories I read.

I read for lots of reasons–to keep up with the market, to learn anything and everything, and for pleasure. The last category should be easy. I know what I like in a book–excellent writing, an exciting story, and memorable characters. Despite this modest list of requirements, reading for fun is the category that gives me the most trouble.

Many successful authors, who thrilled me with their debuts, fail to enchant me with their subsequent titles. There are very few stories I’m willing to read over and over again. Even writers who create such masterpieces can fail to entice me to new purchases. After all, if each new book is simply another version of the beloved tale, why not simply reread the favorite?

Yet, if the poor author writes something too different from the story that made me a fan in the first place, she’ll have to win my loyalty all over again.

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