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Six-Pack Saturday

March 21, 2009 | Uncategorized

I was thinking about movies, which I like as much as books. But, in an entirely different way.

1) I love great dialogue–funny, romantic, poignant, scary it’s all good as long as there are a couple of great lines I’m going to repeat in my head over and over again.

2) There does need to be a story, but it can be much slighter. It is a visual medium. The right actors, the right camera shots, and a million details can be conveyed without an elaborate storyline.

3) I love underdogs and long odds and desperate chances.

4) I like to visit another world,place, or time. I was enthralled by the Duchess, set in Regency England. Oh my! I was equally riveted by Star Wars, and the Terminator. They are all far from my everyday life.

5) I like musicals. I seem to be their only fan.

6) I like romantic comedies,action packed thrillers, but not usually scary movies.

What do you like in a movie?

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