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Six-Pack Saturday

March 28, 2009 | Uncategorized

Six things I love to do–

1) Write–that I get paid for it is an enormously cool bonus

2) Read–even when I’m less than thrilled with the title of the moment reading is still good

3) Garden–making great dirt, pulling weeds, mowing, I’m outside there’s always something new. What’s not to like?

4) Clean–making things nicer, the instant gratification of tangible results, built in exercise. Great stuff.

5) Cook–fresh, delicious, and attractive food is part of every day making it myself adds to the pleasure.

6) Walk–effortless exercise, fresh sights every day and details I never see when I drive.

All of these are part of my daily life and I made a conscious decision to like each activity. Each one is something that I choose to do, by deciding to enjoy the choice I’m happier. Sort of like loving the one you’re with instead of looking around for who just came in….

How about you, are you doing what you love or do you love what it is you do?

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