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WIP Wednesday

March 4, 2009 | WIP Wednesday

Currently, I’m plodding along, working on a first draft. I’d swear that I’ve done nothing as the hours creep by, but miraculously the word count keeps increasing.

More encouraging, is that when I peer at the previously written sections I see how much I’ve left off–which is why I’m a multi-draft kind of woman.

My first drafts are mostly action and dialogue. This works for me, because all the details of emotion, introspection, and setting are richly portrayed in my head. It takes me a couple of drafts to get them on the page. And even then it’s imperfect….

Eventually, I decide it’s good enough and submit, relying on the wise and gracious editor to decide the manuscript’s fate.

In the past, I know I’ve submitted too soon–rejections confirmed my flawless hindsight.

For me, it’s still a rocky balance between enthusiasm for the work and wanting it to be really good.

Where do you fall on the perfectionism scale?

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