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WIP Wednesday

March 11, 2009 | WIP Wednesday

What makes a story great is one of those questions I revisit on a regular basis. The answer is different for every reader. Since, the reader’s expectations and preferences are half of the equation.

Yet, there are books that are mentioned over and over again, widely beloved by readers.

Here’s the list of what I think they have in common:

1) High stakes that suit the characters

2) A strong conflict for the protagonist, nothing worth reading about come easy

3) A sympathetic protagonist, without someone to root for the bid for the reader’s attention is doomed.

4) Excellent writing craft, there are lots of effective styles and an infinite variety of voice, but all of the greats deliver clean copy

5) A new story line there aren’t any unique plots or themes but a fresh version is essential

6) A satisfying resolution, even if open ended, there should be a sigh of relief, or satisfaction, for the moment

What makes a book memorable for you?

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