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WIP Wednesday

April 15, 2009 | WIP Wednesday

Debra Dixon wrote Goal, Motivation, and Conflict, which sadly seems to be out of print.

The book is full of good advice about basic story structure, which is the underpinning of plot, written in clear language aimed at romance writers. However, the advice is applicable to any genre of fiction.

Ms. Dixon breaks GMC (goal, motivation, and conflict) into inner and outer story components. Typically a traditional romance has an outer story– for example a mystery, a quest, or a family problem and an inner story that has to do with character arc, personal growth,and deserving a happy resolution. Goals, motivations, and conflicts work best when they are strong and interwoven with the characters personalities.

All of my stories start with GMC worksheet that I’ve expanded to three parts. There’s the outer story( mystery, adventure, or what have you), the inner story (romance), and the erotic story (sex).

Yes, the erotic adventure needs GMC, plot, and structure every bit as much as the other parts of the tale.

Of course, if I do my job well then all of the underpinnings disappear for readers, who simply enjoy a good yarn.

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