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Fan Girl Friday

May 1, 2009 | Fan Girl Friday

After whining about the lack of romantic suspense titles that thrilled me, I picked up a fairly recent Julie Garwood title from the TBR shelves. I’m enjoying it. :)

What’s more I think I’ve figured out part of the source of my reading problems. I get enamored with a writer and read everything she’s written in short order. And then, still not sated I look around for others writing in a similar vein. Pretty soon, I’m disappointed with every title I pick up–because a big part of what made the initial story work was that it was different. After a few dozen of the same thing–the shiny newness has worn off.

Maybe, those readers who are loyal to one sub-genre pace themselves better than I do. ;) Are you a well-balanced reader or more wide ranging?

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