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Fan Girl Friday

May 8, 2009 | Fan Girl Friday

I’ve been thinking a lot about romance, not a big surprise. :) I’ve also been thinking about mysteries, fantasy, sci-fi–popular fiction in general.

When I first discovered the big world of romance, beyond romantic suspense, they were historical romances. My favorite part was that they made me smile.

I was never seriously worried about the couple finding happiness, but I enjoy the characters’ journey, the visits to another time and place, the dialogue–pretty much everything.

After a couple of hundred titles, I’d run out of historicals that entertained., I moved on to contemporaries with enthusiasm. When contemporaries paled, I revisited romantic suspense, historicals, and then along came time travel romances. Hard on its heels, erotic romances arrived and I stayed a content reader for several years.

It dawns on me that this same pattern is one I’ve repeated with mysteries (twice) fantasies (only once, but I’m revisiting that genre now), and science fiction. I’ve sampled a few westerns, but have never gotten hooked on the world of shoot-em-ups.

Even thrillers become predictable when I read lots by the same author.

What I want is fresh fiction. But, I also want whatever it was that made me eager to read the author’s last book. Unreasonable? Sure. But, it’s still what I want. ;)

What makes a good read for you?

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