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Life in the secret garden

May 21, 2009 | Uncategorized


Spreading clumps of dogtooth violets, or trout lilies if you prefer, among the Labrador violets.

As regular blog visitors know, details thrill me just as much as the showy stars of the border. The humble Labrador violets featured here are a staple in the garden. Like forget-me-nots, they spread happily in part-shade, look handsome all year, and ask for nothing. Doubtless, you’ve guessed I prefer ground covering flora to mulch.

Though, I am enamored by a nice clean edge of black earth between the border and the lawn, which is sort of the garden equivalent of crisp white cuffs and collar visible under a cashmere sweater. Truth be told, the garden version is only achieved a few times a year, what with borders being long, and wide, and many more urgent garden duties calling.


Seen from above the Trout Lilies (so called for their speckled leaves) they look like little hats, but crawling along the border weeding, I got this picture. A closer view of the same blossoms. They’re offered for sale here

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