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WIP Wednesday

May 27, 2009 | WIP Wednesday

Instead of whining about the current story, I’m thinking about the website itself. Since, it is my main promotion tool :)

The provocative couple in the sidebar seemed appropriate to me. But, I read something that made me wonder here. Then I looked around at several other author’s sites. Of course, no one else has a sexy pair on their home page.

Perhaps, something less controversial would be better…

So, here are some pictures for you to consider:


The apple…original temptation



The blue rose…exotic, sheer fantasy


Sweetpeas… no? I didn’t think so either…


or stick with the original erotic couple? Who cares what everyone else does?

or just the book covers, nothing but the book covers…

Vote your preference!

PS If the blog doesn’t look right to you, please consider upgrading your browser to Firefox’s latest The link will take you to their home page. Where you can learn everything, and then some, that you ever wanted to know about their browser. ;)

I’m not indifferent to those suffering through a less that delightful visit to this blog–but fixing the display so it looks good in every verision of every browser is beyond my abilities. :(

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