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WIP Wednesday

May 6, 2009 | WIP Wednesday

Last week I whined about needing more conflict to keep the next wicked story sizzling, here. That problem has been resolved (no spiteful exes involved). But, having found a better plan, the current story needs revision.

I change one little thing, okay maybe a couple of little things, and the whole story changed. Kinda like life. ;) So, I’m giving this one a rest for a little bit.

Instead of plowing ahead on wicked II, I’m polishing the second installment in the Enyo Chronicles, and keeping in mind I still have the line edit for Wicked Games to get through and it releases this month!

Also this month, Dangerous Rescue releases in print. This puts two of my titles on New Concepts front page this month–a first for me. Ultra-cool 8)

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