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Fan Girl Friday

June 26, 2009 | Fan Girl Friday

The magic connection that makes the words on the page come alive is tough to analyze. Authors, who suck me into their story world so thoroughly can get away with all kinds of writing craft crimes. I either don’t notice or don’t care.

There are still, thankfully, plenty of writers who can accomplish this. But, tis true that I’m a much fussier reader than I used to be. For example, I dislike first person tales. However, there are authors, who can pull off first person and still capture my complete attention. Alice Siebold, Lee Child,and Helen Fielding come to mind.

What is it that makes an author’s voice work so well? I’m still not sure. Here are a couple of things I think are involved:

1) Characters, I can relate to or am fascinated by. They do not have to be admirable, Scarlet O’Hara started the story as a spoiled scheming bitch, willful, and opportunistic and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.

2) Story worlds, that are exotic and yet consistent enough to be believable. Jack London’s stories, Nalini Sighn’s series, P.G. Wosehouse’s tales–all have this in common.

3) Details, these are the building blocks that form the characters, form the worlds, and ultimately form the story. Susan Elizabeth Phillips paints extravagant word pictures with intricate, telling details woven like a tapestry throughout her stories and makes me believe outrageous things.

All of the authors I admire have mastered details–their styles are different. In each case, the words flow surely, dispensing the perfect amount of information to rivet the reader.

Which authors are sure things for you?

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