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Six-pack Saturday

June 13, 2009 | Uncategorized

No, I’m not back to work yet. The delay is due to conflicting goals (a good thing in a story–but, not so great in real life). Along with wanting to get the next story going I also have aspirations about becoming more spontaneous. I had a chance to get away for a few days and I said yes. Problem with that is I had so much fun I was much too tired to get back to work when I got home.

I should be back on schedule next week.

In the meantime, in no particular order here’s six things I love about traveling:

1) Someone else cleans up my messes

2) I can be in another part of the world in a few hours

3) It’s always an adventure

4) Someone else does the cooking

5) The scenery changes

6) Coming home is sooooo comforting–far more so than when I haven’t gone anywhere…

What’s your favorite part about traveling?

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