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Teaser Tuesday

June 2, 2009 | Teaser Tuesday

The first person, who has to get excited about one of my stories is me. Because, if I’m not enthusiastic about developing a book then it’s never going to happen. On the hundredth pass, it may well have lost all charm, even for its excited creator. But, it absolutely has to retain its glowing appeal for at least the first couple of drafts.

When I start to play with a concept, it’s normally a raw fragment–not even a scene. A compelling situation, sympathetic characters, and potential.

The first synopsis is always clunky. But, for me the story is unfolding in my head or it’s a no go. Even stories and character I adore, get set aside when a better plan looms on the horizon.

At the moment, part of me is living in another galaxy with my latest heroine cruising through space.

Joon has been banished from the planet Enyo for manipulating the Council of Elders. Though, technically guilty of the crime she was accused of committing, there are serious mitigating circumstances involved.

None of that matters now, since her vessel, with it’s small but very brave crew, is held captive by a docking beam, which has rendered the ship’s systems inoperative.

Did I mention they’re being inexorably pulled toward a Maldorean Ship? And, naturally that is the last place any of them want to go. Especially….

PS Joon’s Temptation is off to the lovely editor. Keep your fingers crossed for me that she likes it. ;)

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