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Teaser Tuesday

June 16, 2009 | Teaser Tuesday

Wicked Games was released last month. It’s available here Still thinking?

A little more enticement:

Manipulated into spending a long weekend at a romantic Caribbean resort by her demanding boss, Rhianna makes the best of the assignment. What she needs is to get laid because it’s been so long she’s almost forgotten what a real man feels like. She hopes that the long weekend will include a suitable lover. But, the resort is a honeymoon haven, leaving her the odd woman out–as usual.

Damien, the dominant masseur, is the answer to all of Rhianna’s overheated fantasies, except that he’s fourteen years too young–barely legal. Ready, able, and willing to play sex games with Rhianna, the beautiful executive. He doesn’t bother disclosing his real agenda. To protect his mother, he needs leverage to expose Rhianna’s boss as a fortune hunter. Rhianna holds access to the proof he needs. But, she’s only cooperative about sex and the rules of their games keep changing….

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