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Teaser Tuesday

June 30, 2009 | Teaser Tuesday

Dangerous Secrets is scheduled for release in July. While each of the dangerous books stands alone, they’re even better read in order, ;) Starting with Dangerous Surrender, followed by Dangerous Rescue , and then Dangerous Secrets.

For reasons, I only partially get, the most recent book in any of the series I’ve got going is the most difficult. This holds true for Dangerous Secrets, or as I think of it–Sam’s story.

When he appeared in the first dangerous book, he was already an anti-hero. In the second installment, he got worse. By the time the third book opens, his fun edges have been burned away, leaving a man driven by vengeance.

One damaged protagonist is plenty to redeem. But, since I’m saddled with perverse muse, Karina, his heroine arrives in a bad mood and proceeds to complicate his already miserable life.

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