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Fan Girl Friday

July 10, 2009 | Fan Girl Friday

Every few days, I choose a new book to read. Sometimes more often.

I don’t finish every title I start. An author gets a variable number of pages to enchant me.

Lots of factors go into whether or not I keep reading. Classics, award winners, and the highly recommended get more pages. But, they too get gently set aside if I’m not interested.

I read for two main reasons: information; and entertainment.

If I’m reading of information I’ll wade through excruciatingly dull prose to get to the data I’m after. But, if I’m looking for entertainment, then the book better grip me in the first hundred pages. And the only reason I’d give the story that many pages is if it doesn’t piss me off sooner.

Absolutely, the shortest road to getting me hooked is at least one sympathetic character. If your lead character is brave, good, cheerful, and beautiful your story is already in trouble. That paragon better get into hot water in a big hurry or I’m out of there.

Using a romance plot as an example, Ms. Wonderful meeting Mr. Right and living happily ever after is not a riveting tale.

Ms. Trouble magnet, inconveniencing Mr.-Up-to-his-hot-ass-in-alligators with an attitude has a much better shot.

Then there are the completely unfair, but mitigating, circumstances that make me read on–if I paid money for the book it will get more pages than if it’s from the library. If it was a gift, even more pages than if I bought it. I’ve actually finished books I wasn’t enjoying because dear friends gave them to me. If the author has written other stories I liked, she gets more pages to fascinate me.

How many page do you read of book you don’t like?

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