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Fan Girl Friday

July 17, 2009 | Fan Girl Friday

Does it seem odd that a writer is an enthusiastic reader? Not to me. All of the writers I know love to read.

I’ll go further, I would have never become a writer without having been a a reader first. I can’t remember the first romance story that made me think, I want to write these kinds of stories. But, I know that it was within a year of discovering modern romance writing and inhaling hundreds of titles.

Recently, I read a popular women’s fiction author. This isn’t a genre I’m hugely attracted to, but I like to sample widely– that’s how I find new favorites. ;)

And, the author is one who had come up for discussion in the book group I attend. There was nothing wrong with her writing. Yet, I won’t buy any more of her titles. Simply because of her choices. She writes thoughtfully about modern tragedies. The appeal of her subject matter is lost on me. I’m neither entertained or informed by an in depth study of misery.

Do you find a fictional account of emotional disasters stimulating? Thought provoking? I feel I’m missing this author’s point. :(

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