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Real life

July 9, 2009 | Uncategorized

From time to time, the business of writing crosses my thoughts. I’m clear about expense v, income, taxes, royalty statements–all the details of reporting and tracking those items the government needs to know about.

I’m good about the discipline side of writing. I work my butt off, telling the best story I can.

Promotion remains a gray murky area for me. Marketing is not one of my natural talents. If it were then I’d be making big bucks doing that. ;)

So far, the best marketing tool I’ve found is the writing itself. Back to that writing the best damn story I know how to write thing.

Having written a story I love is just step one. Finding an editor to take a chance on my story is step two. Publishing them takes a whole village.

The recipe for success is a pinch of talent, quarts of sweat, a heaping cup of persistence, and a generous dollop of luck.

I can’t control talent or luck, so Im sticking with sweat and persistence.

I’m grateful and humbled by the magic of luck that has graced a few of my stories. And I’m well aware that having one or more stories published guarantees nothing about future submissions.

So, it’s back to working on another story and becoming a better writer. :)

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