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Teaser Tuesday

August 18, 2009 | Teaser Tuesday

Here’s the back cover versions of the Pirate Rules blurb.

Zara yearns for domination to release her passion. Ryder was born to dominate and a sex slave who serves him with sensual pleasure is his kinkiest dream. They are the perfect couple –a made for each other match. Except Ryder insists on having clear consent before their erotic game moves to the next level. Zara needs all control stripped from her writhing, wanton body.

Hot-blooded Razor kidnaps Zara, cuffs her, and tortures her with erotic caresses. Playing Pirate and Captive with Razor may be the hottest hours of her life. Or it may be a lethal gamble with her heart. When the always-cautious Zara asks about the rules of game, she learns her new master only plays one way – Pirate Rules.

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