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WIP Wednesday

August 5, 2009 | WIP Wednesday

When it comes to readers, I’m real open minded. ;) Frankly,, I do not care about what their gender, sexual orientation, politics, race, or religious affliations are. But, I’m aware that the odds favor my readers being female and over twenty-five.

I like that demographic–women are more adventurous readers.

Sometimes, I fantasize about an ideal reader. What does she want in an erotic fantasy?

My guess is–escapism, a blend of the familiar, spicy surprises, exotic locales, strong heroes, scrappy heroines, and something deliciously naughty….

Further, she wants, and I believe she deserves, to have her fantasy served in a tasteful cover, well-written, professionally edited, and reasonably priced.

There aren’t very many publishers delivering this wish list, surprisingly–or perhaps not–most of them are e-publishers.

Who delivers your favorite flavor of fantasy?

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