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WIP Wednesday

August 12, 2009 | WIP Wednesday

Absolutely my favorite part of writing is starting a new story. I love all the geeky pre-writing of plotting and planning, writing bios, making a new notebook, finding pictures that match the images in my head of the characters, and putting together a new playlist.

Maybe my subconscious knows about this weakness for mine. Because I get assaulted with new ideas all the time… The raw fragments of new worlds, new characters, and new situations arrive far faster than I can write. :(

My strategy for dealing with this abundance is to make notes of the ideas that zoom into my thoughts, and then shut them out gently, but firmly. After all, I can only listen to so many voices at one time. Usually, this works.

Now and then new characters arrive and refuse to leave quietly–I can fight them or I can give in and write their story. The latest coup cut off the pirates–so you know they’re total badasses….

I just hope they stick around. ;)

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