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Real life

September 17, 2009 | Uncategorized

Warning: the following post is not about my sexy modern pirates. It’s an official author whine about real pirates–the kind that steal books.

Within days of a release I find my titles on pirate sites. This brings out real mixed feelings in me. I want people to like my stories. But, I don’t want them stolen.

The whole idea of being a published author is to get paid for what you write. I work hard on each story. But, if I don’t get paid for them then I’ll need to figure out another way to earn money and I already know it wouldn’t be half as much fun. Plus, I’d have to leave the house and Katie wouldn’t get to be an author dog. :(

The most frustrating part of piracy for me is that I just don’t get it. If you’re too poor to buy my stories, I can understand that. I’ve been poor and I know how it feels it be too broke to buy something that’s a luxury item. I’ll even overlook the fact that you can afford a personal computer and an internet connection.

If you’re all that broke then, please ask your friendly librarian to order you a copy. Around here the library buys e-books, they even loan out e-book readers. So, if you want a copy of one of my stories and your library doesn’t have it then ask them to buy it. Simple, easy, and legal. If one request isn’t enough–chat up your buddies ask them to request it too. The library will be happy, I’ll be happy, and the publisher will be happy. Plus, we’ll all stay in business.

Best of all, there’ll be more dangerously sexy stories coming down the line to buy or to request from your friendly neighborhood librarian.

If money isn’t the issue, then please just buy a copy. The novellas are less than the cost of a loaf of bread. The download process is quick and easy. E-books offer instant gratification. Get a Kindle and you don’t even need a PC or internet connection. If you don’t like my stories well enough to shell out $3.50 then why would you want a pirated copy cluttering up your hard drive?

After I’d written this little rant, I rechecked and it looks like my titles have been removed from the free download sites. Restores my faith in humanity. :)

Okay, author whine is over.

On to happier news, this week Wicked Games debuted on Fictionwise ! It’s listed as romance. I can’t decide whether that’s a good thing or not. It is an erotic romance. Those looking for sweet and chaste may be shocked and dismayed by couple’s sensual explorations. However, the story is rated carnal, which gives the innocent reader some warning. On the other hand some of the stories classed as erotica are too raw for my tender eyes, making me blush when my titles are listed there….

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